Video – Sweden Wants to Get Rid of Asylum Seekers

Sweden wants to get rid of asylum seekers | December 2, 2015

STOCKHOLM. The Swedish government has demanded from the EU to resettle asylum seekers who are already residing in the country to other Member States. This was confirmed by EU Commissioner for Refugees Dimitris Avramopoulos during a visit to Stockholm. “We completely understand and prepare appropriate proposals.”

The Scandinavian country already sees himself overwhelmed by the increasing number of asylum seekers for months. Already the end of October, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said: “We are at the limit of our capacity”. A few weeks later, the country took the Schengen Agreement overrides and demanded asylum seekers on to travel to Germany.

Submerged 14,000 rejected asylum seekers

It is unclear which countries Sweden remove the asylum seekers. Originally, the interior ministers of the EU countries had decided against the resistance of the Eastern European countries the redistribution of 160,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy. So far, however, only a few hundred people were relocated. Sweden itself took 19 applicants from Eritrea. Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia refuse to participate in the mechanism.

Video - Sweden Wants to Get Rid of Asylum Seekers

Meanwhile, it became known that about 14,000 rejected asylum seekers in Sweden are submerged. “We just do not know where they are”, the Director of the Border Police, Patrik Engström told the newspaper Aftonbladet. “Apparently, many refugees of companies are working illegally. There are some employers who employ people for profit without a residence permit in order to pay lower wages “, suspected of authorities chef.

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