Killer Mike Has a Goal to Open 1 Million Accounts at This Atlanta Black Owned Bank & Got Usher, Dupri Involved

We recently talked about Killer Mike, Usher, and Jermaine Dupri and how they opened bank accounts at the Black owned, Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta. Well Killer Mike has taken things to a whole new level and is working toward getting one million people to open accounts at Citizens Trust!

Black Owned Bank in Atlanta

Killer Mike is working hard to empower the black community, knowing that if we support each other we won’t need anyone else’s support, help, or acceptance. There are approximately 1.7 million African Americans in Atlanta, so getting 1 million residents to bank with Citizen Trust should be easy. He is asking everyone to come out and support his efforts not just black America. I mean let’s be honest, we probably spend and invest more money with white people than any other ethnicity, so please don’t let the color of your skin prevent you from supporting this amazing cause.

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The message I have received from Killer Mike is to take an extra 5 – 10 minutes out of your day to drive a couple of extra miles to support that BOB. Or take little more time to research and find BOB’s in your area and across the internet that you can support because essentially these will be the businesses and business owner’s that will later support you!

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